ArtemesiaBlack is husband and wife duo Sabine Heusler-Schick and Kenny Schick - they met while she was in Australia and he in California through the internet, they spent many months discussing their love of music which was rather strangely exactly the same in many ways. So Kenny went to Australia to meet her in person after hearing a cassette (oh yes a cassette) of songs she sent to him - (expecting him to reject both them and her from afar so she'd not have to go through the embarrasement in person), but instead he fell in love with both... he was so drawn to her quirky songs that he recorded their first album in their little apartment in St. Kilda. 8 months later he returned to the US - but they kept in constant contact and a 18 months later she moved to California, they got married, recorded their second album together, toured the US, started a recording studio and business together and the rest is... the future...


Sabiné Heusler-Schick

the song writer, story teller, vocals, guitar, banjo ukulele, ukulele, electric guitar & percussion

Having spent most of her life in the musical closet (which was getting a little crowded with all the ghostly friends she'd collected) met the effervesant Kenny and emerges with new found confidence and creative joy. Revealing to the world a variety of songs and sounds crafted around the characters they are portraying. Stories and poems that describe a persons life and death in such an often sweet way that gives one goosebumps. With a vast interest in the weirder things in life all the songs were bound to come out rather eclectic. She loves story telling (something that started with her grandmother), teaparties, reading, taxidermy, bugs, crows and is really rather fond of her ghost friends. Says of Kenny "he's so multi talented in so many aspects of music and art he just totally makes me look good... I never would have done this if it wasn't for him, he gives me the confidence to even attempt performing and his perfectionism is infectious... you can't believe the time and energy he puts into everything he does, its both inspiring and scary".



Kenny Schick

the producer and engineer, acoustic & electric guitar, vocals, saxophone, flute, bass guitar, keyboard, clarinet, banjo and all kinds of other assorted instruments and sounds

A seasoned professional musician and mulit-instrumentalist, session musician, recording engineer, producer and recording artist. Kenny also performs and writes his own solo music KENNY SCHICK and has 5 of his own albums and he's been in and is in countless bands of various genres. He also teaches music and does workshops and is a professional photographer. Says of Sabine "she writes amazing songs for someone who professes to not be a 'real' musician... she only started performing when she met me so she's pretty fresh so that makes for an interesting dynamic". Kenny loves the chance to experiment and craft sounds that enhance ArtemesiaBlack music, he's been a musician for so long he has a huge palette to work from when making musical choices.